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P.O. BOX 251226 Glendale, California 91225
For more information, please call: 818-237-0010

Why Choose Us

Pest Rangers specializes in Pest Control as well as in achieving customer satisfaction. Eliminating one pest after another over time, we have gained the trust of our growing clientele and we never stop finding innovative ways to preserve the environment while still discouraging the infestation of unwanted pests.

We are one of the most reliable pest control companies in California. Private homeowners and businesses rely on the high standards that we uphold. How is this achieved?
group of staff

  • Well-trained staff and innovative extermination processes
  • Knowledgeable and Experienced Pest Control Team
  • Courteous and Friendly Customer Care
  • On-time always: when we say we’ll be there at a given schedule for inspection or extermination, you can expect us to be there!
  • We conscientiously preserve our environment alongside the process of eliminating pests.

These and many more have helped us achieve the status that we hold today. If you want to learn more about Pest Rangers, please call 818-237-0010.

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